I have gotten a lot of emails in the past few months with people wondering how to make backdrops that go behind food tables, dessert tables, etc... I know that many of you probably have brilliant ways to do this so I would love to hear the other ways that people achieve this, but I thought I show the easiest/cheapest way I have discovered to make these fabric backdrops.

All you need
- fabric of your choice
- staple gun
- scissors
- Plywood (Go to Lowes or Home Depot and go to the lumber section where they have several different priced slabs, I go for one of the cheapest slabs that is around 9$. Find someone to help and they will cut it for you in the exact size that you need. I usually do 4X6 or 4X4)

1. Lay out your fabric on the ground flat and smooth.
2. Lay your plywood on top of the fabric where the fabric will be able to be folded to the back of the wood on all four sides.
3. Cut the extra fabric
4. Use your staple gun and fold the fabric on the back of the wood and staple gun all the sides down.

 It's that simple! Takes about 5 minutes and without fabric only costs about 9$!
Happy Thursday!!