will be the reason for my absence this week! 
Sawyer and I are with my family here in Orlando having the time of our lives! For sure the time of Sawyer's life. He has soaked up every minute and hasn't missed a beat. Goes on the rides, sits through fun live plays, misses naps, naps in the stroller, stays up until 10:30 with everyone, loves the parades and all of the characters, LOVES his cousins. Loved the plane ride, bus rides, boat rides and train rides. Needless to say this boy is in HEAVEN! 
I feel like I'm in heaven too being with my family and pretending like I'm a kid all over again. We miss Andrew so much (he couldn't take off work) but are so thankful that we get to experience this; It really is MAGICAL!
So excuse our absence this week because we will be a little busy with Mickey, Minnie and Donald!! 

Have  magical week! 

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