Ohhh Disneyworld... There seriously aren't words to describe what a magical and fun trip we had with our family. We packed in as much as we could in our 6 days at Disney and didn't miss a beat. It was definitely a trip to remember and even though Sawyer will not remember this trip when he is older at least I can tell him he had the time of his life and I'll have these pictures to prove it. 
I loved spending time with my family and pretending I was a kid all over again. Sawyer did so great being totally off his schedule and maybe even enjoyed it more than anyone. So here is a recap of our trip. There are a lot of pictures coming up but sadly this isn't even half of them!
All the kiddos waiting for their first monorail ride! We missed Jack and Will (my other 2 nephews who didn't come) :(
One of many naps in his stroller. He definitely learned to go with the flow on this trip. 

Sawyer has a new best friend.. Conner. I might even do a whole post about it b/c I have about one MILLION pictures of these two from the week. Conner loved him and Sawyer LOVED Conner even more. They played so well together and every time I would look over Conner was holding him, playing with him or taking care of him. 
Caroline and Becca.. little angels :)
"Honey I Shrunk the Kids" Park. Sawyer loved this park so much that he threw a huge fit when we left. It was such a cool park.
I know this is blurry but it is the only picture I have to document my grandmother and aunt coming to visit! We were so glad to get to spend some time with them, they just live an hour from Orlando. 
Sci Fi Restaurant. This was the neatest Restaurant! It was staged like a drive in movie with real cars to eat at, stars in a dark sky and a big screen with cartoons playing. 
We LOVE PAPA! He was the biggest kid of us all! 
One of many rides that Sawyer went on. Figment was definitely one of his favorites though. 
Thanks Zac (the one husband who could come) for giving my arms some relief that week! He definitely helped Brooke and I with the toddlers a lot!
The little mommies of the trip! They constantly were wanting to push Sawyer and do everything they could to help. I loved it!
Sawyer said "BECCA" the whole trip. We were all roommates so they became quite attached. Sawyer still goes around our own house saying "Where's Becca?" even though we haven't seen her in a few days.
One of many monorail trips
I heart EPCOT
Sawyer in the middle of major girl fest! The girls got Princess Makeovers at the "Bibbidy Bop Salon" and Sawyer was very intrigued. I laughed at the difference in boys and girls, while the girls were getting glittered, hair sprayed and pampered I look over and Sawyer has one shoe off, leg propped up looking utterly confused at the scene. Oh the differences... 
T-Rex restaurant
Once again, Conner and Sawyer
Jennie and Caroline
My little pirate for Halloween at the Magic Kingdom
The three princesses with a couple pirates. We got to stay out at the Magic Kingdom until 11:00 for a Halloween party we got tickets for and soaked up every minute. No lines for all the rides and candy at every stop. The kids LOVED it! My kid was T-I-R-E-D but I was proud of him for staying up so late.
Winnie the pooh ride that we did about 10 times. This was by far his favorite ride. 
Breakfast with the characters!
We LOVE MIckey!! He kept saying "Ball, Ball" and grabbing Mickey's nose. 
There ya go! A little taste of our fun trip! Thanks Mom and Dad for all the memories, I will never forget how much fun we had and can't wait to go back.