I discovered a way to make apple garland that took NO TIME at all and it turned out to be a special touch for this party. Some of you may have already have this trick up your sleeve, but it truly made my life so much easier once I figured it out. I knew I wanted to make apple garland but I did not have the time to make it a tedious project so this was perfect. 
All you need: 
1. Fake apples (I purchased bags at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 off, 2 bags made the apple garland on the mantle.)
2. Thread of your choice
3. Large skinny knitting needle 
1. Thread your needle 
2. Poke needle into the apple until it comes out the other side. 
3. Pull apples down until you have the size garland you need. 
4. If you need both sides to be secure, hot glue the two ends. 
One garland literally took me a/b 10 minutes. Super easy and fast!
Happy Friday!