I have been doing a small amount of crafting since I have moved in. Sadly with a couple of the things I made I didn't take pictures of the actual process but I'll try and vividly explain so you can recreate if you like it! 
My first creation was made because I was needing a place to store my long necklaces. Does anyone else struggle with where to put your jewelry? I have never been happy with my jewelry scenario... So here was my solution. 
All you need is: 
1. Frame
2. spray paint
3. fabric
4. roll of cork board (Found at Hobby Lobby where the bulletin boards and white boards are) 
5. scissors
6. staple gun
7. push pins
1. Spray paint your frame the color you desire (I used ivory spray paint)
2. Cut the cork board to fit the frame (I did two layers of cork b/c it is pretty flimsy) and then cover with the fabric cutting off the excess fabric. 
3. staple gun the fabric cork board to the back of your frame
4. use push pins to hang your jewelry
5 hang away! 
Now for Another Holiday Craft!
Here is my version of a cute snowman! 
All you need for this guy: 
1. three different size grapevine balls
2. hot glue gun
3. Strips of burlap fabric
4. sprigs of evergreen for arms
5. hat for snowman ( I made mine, but you could use whatever you have lying around)
1. Find the flatter areas on the balls to hot glue together. Hot glue the medium size ball to the large one and then the smaller ball to the medium one. Let it dry
2. cut a strip of fabric and tie around the neck for the scarf
3. Stick evergreen in for the arms
I had to nudge my snowman in the middle of some evergreen to make sure he stayed standing. Makes for a completed centerpiece too!
Voila! Grapevine Snowman! 

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