I have been ADORING all of the cone christmas tree creations that everyone is coming up with this season. Luckily I had spare cone trees that have been sitting in my craft baskets waiting to be styled! 

So, here is my creation.... See what you think!
I give you... Doily Christmas Trees!

What you need: 
1. Styrofoam cones
2. About a 12X12 piece of burlap fabric for each tree
3. different size and shaped doilies
4. glue gun

1. Put a dab of hot glue at the very top and fold over the corner of the burlap fabric to stick to the glue.

3. fold over the other two sides to look like this using hot glue to stick it together

4.roll the cone to cover it with the rest of the fabric, glueing down the fabric to the cone.

5. Cut off excess fabric and it should look like this! You will have a seam running down the back of the cone. 
6. Lastly figure out what doilies look best together and hot glue them onto the burlap. If you don't want to  get glue on your fabric doilies you can also use straight pins to hold them in place. 

linked to: Tatertots and Jello

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