Hello friends! The Henry's have been through a whirlwind the last few weeks so I apologize for no updates. We have officially moved! We sold half of our furniture, put the other half in storage and took a few of our belongings with us to a small, quaint apartment here in Fayetteville until we have clarity in what we are doing next. We have managed to make it quite cozy and I finally feel like I can sit down and have some time to relax and blog. I can't tell you how miserable the last week was but I am SOOOOOO thankful to have it finished and behind us. Now I am just hoping Sawyer will adjust to this place because so far he acts like he doesn't like the apartment. It's so small that he can't run around and keeps hurting himself on EVERYTHING; coffee table, t.v. cabinet, kitchen counter, etc... Β I think he is just out of sorts, not sleeping great, waking up early and just not acting like himself. I even took him to the doctor to see if anything was wrong and he said that he looked great and that moves are a lot harder on toddlers than adults. (Who would of thought!) So we are hoping to keep him on his routine and hoping he'll snap out of it soon.

Thanks for all the prayers and thanks to all of our wonderful Fayetteville family for helping us move and watch Sawyer last week. We literally could not of done it without ya'll since our family couldn't help. We are so blessed by all of you.Β