This is a little late but I can't believe that Sawyer bear is 21 months! That is crazy to me that he will be 2 in three months. I feel like it was yesterday that I was planning his 1st birthday! Here is a little bit about what he's up to these days.

- He is still around 26-27 pounds, wearing mostly 18-24 month but about to transition to 2T.

- Takes one LOOONG nape every day; usually from 1:00-4:00. (not everyday but a lot of days)

- Eats like a champ and will try anything! Sometimes I have to tell my family to cut him off b/c he will keep eating and eating if you let him.

- His little personality is so dear. He is the perfect mix between being confident with having such a tender side. He isn't afraid of much and is quite a mess but on the other hand he is the most affectionate, cuddly little guy. He is kissing and hugging us all the time. I will be out of the room for two minutes and when I come back in he'll say "MAMA!! Ere you are" and then proceeds to give me a huge hug around my legs every time.

- His favorite things right now are "polar express" (Which we have watched probably 100 times since christmas) He will sit down on the couch, grab the remote and say "choo choo train" which I know means Polar express time. He loves, loves, loves his books. He sits in his book basket forever and pulls every book out and looks through every single book until the basket is empty. He still loves tractors, cars, choo choos, throwing balls and any activity outside. He is obsessed with climbing on anything and everything and then jumping off of surfaces that scare me to death. He is pretty good at landing on his feet though so I try and let him be adventurous. Loves all animals, we took him to the petting zoo again and he chased roosters around the entire time. We all got a good laugh!

- He is talking a ton but half of the time I can't understand him. ha! Hopefully that's normal for a 21 month old. He has a ton of words and seriously learns something new everyday. It's such a fun age to watch because their little brains are taking in so much. Every morning he helps me take Emma oustide and he'll go get her out of her kennel, follow me outside and then the whole time she's going potty he yell's "EMMA!" and then when she finally comes he says, "goo girl!". I love watching him try to copy me. He tries to copy everything I say even though half of it comes out gibberish.

- He loves Mothers Day out and plays great with other kiddos. His teachers always tell me that he is such a sweet boy and he has one of the teachers "Miss Cally" wrapped around his finger. Every time I pick him up Β he runs through the group yelling "mama" and then clings on and immediately starts saying "Bye, Bye" to everyone in his classroom. So even though he likes it he is always ready to leave with me.

Sawyer Lee Henry, We feel so blessed to have you as our son. I never knew how much I could love a little boy and you have me completely head over heels. We love your adventurous spirit, tender heart, sweet nature, funny quarks, your confidence and your intensity and gusto for life. God knit you together so perfectly and He has great plans for your life. We love you so much and can't wait to watch you continue to grow, learn and love.

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