The appointment went well and we liked our Pulmonologist a lot. Basically we have more of a detailed outline of EXACTLY what we do everyday and what we will do when we hear the faintest of a wheeze. We meet with one more doctor tomorrow and then we will set up more allergy testing and start meeting with an allergy doctor consistently. Asthma is tricky because it is inevitable that he will have more attacks even if we do what we know to do so it is just so important to be prepared and educated. I feel like today prepared me even more and I am excited that we have one more doctor to add to our list. We know that Sawyer is considered to have "severe" asthma so I'm hoping that I can do everything I can as his mother to be his biggest advocate to every doctor, nurse, teacher, etc..

Tonight we say goodbye to our sweet dog, Emma. I am trying not to talk or think about it because I want to continue to have perspective with everything. After all, we almost lost Sawyer last week so getting rid of our dog should be No Biggie. But of course we are human so we will definitely be a little weepy about it. She really is the best dog I have ever had or ever known. We have been spoiled with the most low maintenance and loving dog. We are giving her to our old neighbors who have four kids and who absolutely adore Emma. Emma will be beyond happy living out in the country, living with her boyfriend "louie" and getting major love from some amazing kids. We are so thankful that they love her and want her because it makes giving her up a little bit easier. Our doctor told us to treat her allergy very seriously so that means really regulating what Sawyer is living around. Sad day to say goodbye to our beloved dog but we are beyond thankful that we have one more tangible way to help our son.

Good bye Sweet Emma Belle!