Here we are again dealing with an all out asthma attack. It came on completely randomly two nights ago and we haven't been able to break it up yet. Thankfully we have everything we need at home this time to keep us out of the hospital and we managed it pretty well last night even though we were up every hour doing breathing treatments. If he gets to where he really can't breath and we think he needs oxygen we would head straight to the doctor or hospital but so far we are managing it. 
Sawyer hasn't had an attack since September so we thought that the steroid, preventative inhaler twice a day was doing the trick.. I guess not! Since he is almost two I am definitely booking an appointment with a specialist to try and figure out what he is allergic to. I am ready for some clarity. 
 I took him to the doctor yesterday and he said that the only option when he sounds like this is to put him on steroids so now we are dealing with a hyper twenty one month old trying to keep him calm enough to control his breathing. This is one of the most frustrating parts to this, I hate putting his little body on this strong medication. 
So once again I would appreciate any prayers lifted up for my son's lungs. Pray that it breaks up and that this tired mama stays sane! Sawyer is such a sport and he is so resilient. He is so patient through the thirty minute breathing treatments (that we do every hour!) and is so tough even when he can't breath. Thank our good Lord that he blessed us with such a resilient fella. 
He has gotten really good at these breathing treatments! He will even hold it himself. 

If you are wondering what we are doing today, you're looking at it! 
Also, if you have dealt with asthma with your kids or even yourself, I would LOVE any advice!
Thanks for listening friends! Have a happy Tuesday! 
and just because these pictures make me happy I had to include them!