I was going to title this, "Christmas Part Two" but after I downloaded the pictures the only title that can fit with this would be "cousins". These 7 kids love each other so much it truly melts my heart when I watch them. They take care of one another, they are sweet to one another and they absolutely adore playing together. I am so thankful for a close family and that my son and future kids have such special cousins that they get to grow up with. It really is such a blessing. 
We spent four days together after Christmas and besides a few of them getting sick near the end of our stay it was such a sweet time. I soak up my time with my sisters and these kids definitely soak up every second with each other. 
Popcorn and a movie (this was a daily occurrence when you have this many rowdy kids all together)

These two LOVED chasing each other around the pool table, it made me dizzy watching b/c they would do it over and over and over

 in love with this. Sweet boys that have become such sweet friends. 
 in love!
 These boys copied everything big cousin Conner would do; They played this game where they would jump off of the bottom of the stairs and fall onto the floor very dramatically. They played this more times than I could count. 


BFF's. I can't even explain what this relationship does for my heart. Beyond Precious! Everytime Sawyer would be away from Conner (even if it was for two minutes) and Sawyer would see him again he would RUN, give him a hug and Conner picks him up while Sawyer lays on his shoulder. To say that Sawyer loves Conner is an understatement.

 2nd Christmas with MORE toys!! 
The two little ones were sick and they stayed like this for over an hour. Melt my heart. 
 Now I will be counting down the days until we will all be together again. Love my family and feel so blessed. 

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