Hello friends! Well since I last posted a lot has happened with our little Sawyer bear. I won't go into all the details but early this morning I knew that he was not in good shape and rushed him to the doctor (When I say rush, I mean no bra, pajama pants- PANIC). They immediately admitted him and got him started with treatments and they soon learned that it was a stubborn attack. He ended up being in critical condition and so we were airlifted to Little Rock to the ICU at Children's hospital. Two ambulance rides, one airplane ride, many scary meds, two i.v.s, tons of pricks, lots of cords, lots of scary critical moments later we are now thankful to say that he is in much better shape and is on the road to recovery. We thought he was going to have to be put on a ventilator but our little man kept fighting and has been fighting hard all day long. Even though he has this disease that makes his body weak at times, I have learned that Sawyer Lee Henry is one tough boy. We are thanking God for his protection over our son. We feel so blessed and thankful for His presence and peace through this terrible experience and we thank all of our friends and family for the support during these last few days.

P.S. Maybe one day I'll document what all happened but don't have time right now! It is definitely an experience that I hope Sawyer will never remember and an experience that I will be reliving for many months to come.

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