My sister (Brooke) is one amazing woman! She is raising the most darling, sweet babies (Becca, Will and Jack) who are all under 4 and she makes it look easy. She followed her husband's dream in moving to the guest horse ranch that they fell in love at and is living her life in the middle of the rocky mountains! When I say middle of the rocky mountains I mean, no cell coverage an hour 1/2 down a dirt road. She is the definition of a Β Godly wife and Godly mother and I look up to her so much.Β 
I am SOOO excited to say that she has decided to start a blog. It is going to be an awesome read because she is going to let us into her very interesting and crazy life. She is excited for everyone to finally understand what the heck she is actually doing out in the middle of nowhere. So PLEASE check her blog out and add it to your favorites because she will cover everything from child rearing, hospitality ideas, recipes and an insight into ranch life. Love you Brookie!!