I can not even explain in words what I think of my son. There are so many things that I want to write about this experience so that I will never forget about these things we went through. He has blown everyone socks off with how incredibly brave and tough he is. Couple of examples (besides the day the day that he was airlifted and in critical condition), in the ICU yesterday they have to check his vitals and his breathing every hour or so, yesterday morning the nurse came in and Sawyer and I were laying in his crib, he said "Hi" to the nurse and lifted his hospital gown right up so she could listen to his breathing. I cried right there when he did that. He is so sweet and trusting to everyone who works on him. He says "thank you" to all the nurses when they give him his meds or check him out and says "all done"when they are done giving him his meds, breathing treatments and inhalers, they laugh and every time say he is the sweetest little boy. 
Just today we have gone through more testing. He got a finger prick again to draw more blood (which is probably about the sixth time), he barely cried and held his hand out so still for the nurse. Right after that testing was done a girl came in with a big machine to test Sawyer for cystic fibrosis. It's called a "Sweat Test" and they hook his arm up to these electric currents to make his body sweat. He had to sit still and let the nurse hold these currents on him for over five minutes and he stayed still the entire time and never cried. The nurse said that Sawyer's age is always the hardest age for her because it doesn't feel very good and since they don't really know what's going on they normally are really hard to sit still and not cry the whole time. I am so thankful for my brave boy. 
 I hope that one day I will be able to record what happened these last few days because I want to remember some of these things and I want Sawyer to know how amazing he has been. I know that this experience is one more thing that God is using to shape our little man. Ever since Tuesday everytime I look over at him I tear up with thankfulness and love for this child. He is such a fighter and I know that God made him who he is to get through all of these medical problems. Here are a few pictures to show how well he is doing... 
He gets to play in their playroom here now for little spurts of time before he gets too active. 

"Dae" brought Sawyer a bean bag toss for his crib. It has created some great entertainment. 
Right now we are waiting on some results from these tests, waiting on another chest x ray and waiting on the pulmonary therapist to come in to do more education and then we are hoping to leave. We would much rather him be resting at my parent's house then in this overcrowded hospital room. Praise God for healing and now we praying for ANSWERS! Thanks for your prayers, keep them coming!