Hey friends! Well we got moved to a room but it wasn't what I was expecting. I hit my final breaking point yesterday when they took us to a new room where we had roomates and it was the tiniest little crib, just one tiny chair to sleep in and no T.V. At the time I was so upset but I think it was just because I hadn't slept in four nights and I hadn't even processed what all had happened in the last two days, therefore I literally started my meltdown and it lasted for a few hours. Thankfully my amazing husband took over for me and I got to go to my parents house and get some sleep. I already am feeling more like myself and the room has worked out fine.

Sawyer is still going better and we are trying to talk everyone in to letting us leave as soon as tonight. He has to undergo a few tests today and do more blood testing so we are looking forward to a pretty eventful, hard day for Sawyer. Yesterday we met with a Pulmonolgist and we are excited that we will have a person who is a specialist at our right hand whenever we need him or her when we get done with the hospital. They are going to train us, educate us and we are hoping that we can figure this all out. We never want this asthma to take over like it has this time ever again so we are going to do whatever we can to figure this all out.

Thanks for your prayers, keep them coming. Little man will need some prayers today for all this testing he has to do! And prayers that we can get out today or tomorrow! Have a good day!