Over two months ago when I knew that I was going to use this Rustic/Glam theme for my latest baby shower I knew that I had to get Bedazzled Bon Bons. I had seen them on Celebrations at Home when Chris used them on one of her Holiday tables. They were gorgeous and Chris highly recommended these edible beauties. 
I ordered topaz and gold bon bons to go with our glam theme and was so excited to use them in my gold tree candle holder that I found at T.J. Maxx. Remember this?? 
But sadly the week of the shower we had the most massive snow storm (over 2 feet in Arkansas) and all of my bon bons were stuck in Florida! I was so sad! I laughed at myself all day because I literally was praying to God for my "Bedazzled Bon Bons" to come to my door! Only event planners could relate to that prayer ;). 
We made it work with the cake balls from our local bakery but I was still so bummed. 
Fast forward to last week and two days after the shower and finally the gorgeous bon bons showed up on our front door. Not only are they beautiful but they are absolutely delicious. So if you live in my area and  need some glittery deliciousness I have plenty to spare!
Thank you to Sasha with Bedazzle my Bon Bons for sponsoring this shower! Ya'll go check out her gorgeous product and consider ordering these for your next event! 
Happy Monday!