Sawyer is doing great and we are getting to ween him off of his steroids. It will take until the end of next week but we can already tell the BIGGEST difference in his sleeping and his attitude. He has been such a delight the last few days and I know it's because his body isn't so medicated. He also has gotten back to his normal three hour naps these last three days, which has been so nice! We meet with an allergy specialist February 9th and we are anticipating an interesting day knowing that we will have two sets of test and will be at an office with a 2 year old for over 2 hours. Should be fun.. 

On to binky talk.. (I know.. so exciting!)
Sawyer is obsessed with his passy; always has been. First of all he knows how to say "binky" but he has made his own name for it and calls it a "Sha" all the time. When his asthma attack started two 1/2 weeks ago we of course let him have it as much as he wanted, after all he was spending hours on end sitting on the couch doing breathing treatments. Then when he was in the hospital we of course didn't care because quite honestly it was the last thing we thought or cared about. So after we got back to Fayetteville and were getting back to normal life I decided to go back to our old routine.. Binky stays in the crib!
 So the first day he of course asked for it all the time. I would say "Sawyer your binky is staying in your crib, if you would like to suck on it you can get in your crib." He looked at me confused and then ran to his crib. I would ask him "Do you want to get in your crib?" and Sawyer excitedly said "I DO!!". I lifted him up put him in his crib and he'd grab his binky and sit there sucking on it happily and play with his blankets. I told him, "okay when you are done with your binky yell, 'all done' and I'll come get you''. So in my head I was thinking that this would be a punishment but instead Sawyer would take breaks every 15-30 minutes to ask to get in his crib to suck on his binky for spans of about 10-15 minutes, then when he was done he would yell "all done" and every time I picked him up he'd throw his binky in his crib and say "bye, bye binky". I laughed all day at how many times he wanted to get get in his crib just to see his binky. I also laughed because I got so much done that day with him spending that much time in his crib. Each day he has wanted to do it less and less, so I guess that means it's working.

 Sweet , compliant boy. 
On a completely different note.. will someone please tell my husband that he is not young and resilient anymore? He decided to do a stupid sledding game yesterday with the guys and ended up in the E.R. with a separated shoulder!
He is going to be fine but will be in pain and can't do anything for a couple of weeks. Uggh.. boys! 
Happy snow day (if you are having one!)