Last weekend a few of us from our community group took a trip to Branson to go the Bailey's lake house. There were six couples and all of us brought our kiddos. It was surprisingly not that chaotic b/c the kids played so well together and had so much fun exploring. They threw rocks, rode rangers, played in the dirt, climbed rocks, threw horseshoes, played with toys, played chase and ended the night with a movie. I love seeing Sawyer make friends that he will hopefully have forever. 
The adults had the best time too. We stayed up late talking and eating and of course laughing a ton. I am so thankful for these friendships! 
 Tallis and Sawyer are becoming great friends. Played happily together all weekend. 
Sawyer and Lyla of course chasing eachother

 The kids threw rocks for hours. Cheap entertainment
 Sawyer trying to kiss and hug Tallis.

 Another game of chase

 Ranger ride with the Bailey's

 Love these girls!
 Dinner time for the kiddos
 Cuddle time with the daddies
Movie time for the babies! These two sat like this for half of the movie.. Sweet boys. 
Thanks Jenessa and Mark for always hosting us at your fun lake house. We look forward to it every year!