Well we literally just got back from Sawyer's doctor's appointment; Got there at 9:15 and didn't leave until 1:45! I can't even tell you what all I am feeling right now.. overwhelmed, sad, happy, exhausted, fearful, etc.. We learned so much today and I am definitely relieved that this appointment is over and done with, but from here on out life will look different.

We got to the office and we did several consults and interviews and after the doctor finally got to hear and see Sawyer's case he decided that he had no choice but to be as aggressive as they can. Usually you don't even test kids under 3 for more than 10 allergies, he said that most of the time things don't show up this young. Knowing how life threatening his asthma has shown to be, he had no choice but to test him for everything. So he ordered the full scratch test. (P.S. I'm obsessed with his doctor. He was the best we have seen yet!)

I thought the "Scratch Test" was one fast needle prick to the back.. Um NO! Try fifty separate tiny needles that they have to individually poke all over his back. This kid has gone through more testing than most people do their whole lives and this one was definitely up there with the worst so far. I felt like we were literally torturing the poor boy. Once it was over he settled down and just twenty minutes later they evaluate his back and told us the results.

The Results... Well this is the life changing part; He's allergic to everything. He is allergic to all grasses, most trees (except for 2), he's allergic to dog dander, dust and dust mites, tons of molds, apples, cockroaches (yuck!) and backyard weed growth. I was floored at how much showed up.

What this means.. we go back for more blood work (ugh!) to narrow down the rest of the allergies at the end of this week and after they have it all figured out we start allergy shots in two weeks. For the first few months we go twice a week and have to drive 30 minutes to the Rogers office. After they evaluate his progress we hope to back down to once a week for the rest of the year. He will probably be doing this for a few years  . Our hope is that since we are starting this at such a young age that these allergies and asthma will improve tremendously. Obviously there is a good chance it won't even help at all. They added two more medicines to our regime, one being a nose spray twice a day (that should be interesting with a two year old!). This rounds out our meds to a total of FIVE per day. On top of all this we have to change how we do everything. We are hopefully moving soon and he said to make sure and do some kind of hard surfaced floor in the house, no carpet anywhere. We have to purchase expensive zip up covers for all of our beds and pillows. Purchase specific (expensive) air filters and change them out monthly. Wash his blankets and bedding constantly. We have to change how we clean using scent free organic cleaning products. We have to clean, clean, clean and clean again constantly. We obviously have to monitor where dogs have been and remove them as much from his life as we can. Thankfully he said that as long as he  is on allergy shots that he wants him to play like a normal kid and just keep a watchful eye and a listening ear to any red flags.

I feel so overwhelmed with all of this but am hopeful and thankful. God has guided every step in the last few months and this is no different. I am so thankful for the doctors that are in our lives now and that are attacking his case with aggression so that we hopefully never have to be where we were. I am thankful for my brave son who is the biggest trooper I know. He is definitely going to have a hard time getting shots twice a week but knowing Sawyer he will probably get used to it pretty fast. He was so good at his appointment and even took a 45 minute nap while we were having one of our consults.

Anyway, thanks for the prayers and we are so glad that we now have even more information and tools to hopefully keep him healthy.

 Even though I should be cleaning I am going to take a nap. My brain is on information overload, my arms are tired from holding a child for four hours and I'm emotionally drained. So thanks again and good night!