To say we got snow in the last 24 hours is an understatement! This just doesn't happen in Arkansas. We have gotten about 2 feet of snow in 15 hours and it's still snowing. I have definitely never seen this much snow in my life! Needless to say we are stuck inside again but we have made the most of our situation.  

We took a few pictures in the snow, ate a big lunch, watched "Despicable Me", played with play dough, finger-painted in the bath tub, cleaned the apartment and now we are all resting. It has been such a fun day! After we took pictures in the snow I put Sawyer under a big down blanket and made him his first batch of hot chocolate. I heated it up and put it right in his sippy cup and he LOVED it! He sat and drank his hot coco and intensely watched the movie. It has been such a memorable day. 
My child has a new obsession with play dough

 Finger painting in the tub! I got washable crayola fingerpaint and let him have at it. He loved it!
His tub masterpiece!

That's my car and that was at 8:00 this morning. You should see it now!

Bundled up in about 4 layers of clothes! 

I texted this picture to my dad and he texted back saying "I'm so sorry about Sawyer's legs.. hope they grow back!". 
We'll never forget you Snow Storm 2011!
Stay warm!