Today I am thankful for the following...

1. Hearing my son breath clearly and with no effort.

2. My new iphone that I got for my birthday (thanks Mom and Dad)!

3. The fact that Sawyer still lets me rock him to sleep when I feel like it. I rocked him to sleep and sat there holding him for thirty minutes today and I was in heaven.

4. I am thankful for my best friends and their continued faith and encouragement in my life.

5. Pioneer Woman and all of her YUMMY recipes. Lucky for Andrew I have made two delicious PW recipes since the snow has fallen and unlucky for me that I have gained five pounds because of those two meals!

6. My Honda Accord which right now is our Snowmobile. It's better than having 4 wheel drive.

7. My crippled husband who is sitting next to me snoring because he is still on pain meds and takes countless naps when he is on those suckers. Poor thing... even though he has a broken shoulder he still helps with EVERYTHING and does it without complaining (most of the time).

8. My cricut in all of it's glory.

9.  Thankful for my tiny kitchen that takes me about ten minutes to clean (but also takes about 2 seconds to mess up).

10. Lastly today I am thankful that we finally get to go out tonight!

Happy Saturday! Hope that you are thankful for the little things and the big things in your life today!

 Here's my little snow bunny playing last night in the snow! Thankfully he LOVES it! 

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