Jalepenos on everything, chocolate milk every night, moody outbursts, crying outbursts, constant nausea, sleep, sleep and more sleep, watching t.v. instead of cleaning and working, carsick even while I'm driving, getting in bed at 7:30 many nights, ooohhh and the growing belly(what the heck, why so soon?!), yep all signs point to one thing!

Baby Henry #2 will be here in October!!!!

This is the only shirt I could find the day I found out the news. Haha! Not the cutest. 
I'm still super early but we had our ultrasound today and baby has a strong heartbeat so we were ready to spread the news. They pushed my due date back to October 28th b/c the baby is measuring small even though that is way off from our original due date. So I thought I was 8 weeks and found out today that I am actually 7 weeks. So the fact that I am already showing scares me even more!! Yikes! 
We are so excited about this new baby and feel beyond blessed. We have been trying for a few months and were thrilled with the news. 
Since Sawyer's latest health stuff, I have been going back and forth emotionally about adding something else to our very full plate. But God has been so good to us in this and in His timing and we have been giddy excited dreaming about this new child that we have been given.
Well, that's the big news of the week! I am sure it is refreshing for all of you to read something exciting and not "asthma" related on this blog. Yay!!!