One of my sweet friends, Crystal just put together this superhero birthday for her son Noah. She took this "Superhero" theme and really made something unique! I loved her cityscape backdrop. Crystal made  the cityscape backdrop out of foam board from hobby lobby and she just set it in front of the larger black back drop made out of plywood and black satin fabric.  She drew the skyline and cut out with a razor knife.  The windows were cut out with craft paper and glued on individually. Don't you just love it?! 
Cupcake toppers were purchased from Wants and Wishes on etsy.

When all the kiddos got to the party they were asked to find their very own cape that Crystal made for all of them! This is how she made them, 
"For the capes I bought the cheapest black satin fabric I could find and used an old cape of Noah's to trace the outline.  I bought sticky-back felt at S & S Worldwide (online) and cut out letters for the child's intial.   I just used Microsoft Word to get the letter outlines to use as a guide for cutting out the felt letters. I opted to leave extra fabric at the neck to tie instead of doing velcro because the velcro cape that Noah has does not stay on.  Over time the tie seems to hold up better."

Crystal cut out graphics from the computer for all her centerpieces

Crystal you outdid yourself on this party! I loved all the details! Thanks for letting me share. 
Happy Tuesday!