Today we are all breathing a little easier. Sawyer has been sick since Thursday and today I have finally been able to tell a big difference in how he is feeling. Coughing less, eating finally, fever gone, slept through the night, etc..
I took him back to the doctor yesterday because yesterday he seemed to have another asthma flair up with his terrible cough. Andrew and I were of course worried sick and were praying diligently that it would get under control. Thankfully he was fine after a few breathing treatments and rest. We got him on antibiotics last night and I think it's finally doing the trick.
I am so thankful that we have his first sickness under our belt. Everything is so intense around here anyway that adding sickness to the scenario makes for two stressed parents.  But if his asthma stays under control through this terrible cough that he has right now, it's one more sign that all these things we are doing just might be working.

Speaking of these things that we are doing daily.. this is Sawyer's daily meds for his asthma maintenance, allergies and now stomach (b/c of all the meds he is on it upsets his stomach). Crazy that one little toddler requires so many medicines. Thankfully he is a champ with taking everything (except for the nose spray, that one is a battle).

Things have not been easy lately but I am so thankful for my helpful husband and all of my encouraging family and friends. Sawyer is one loved little boy and we have felt the prayers and support from everyone. We are so ready to have our son healthy and "normal" again. I have a feeling that those days are soon approaching! We have some exciting things coming up soon and are looking forward to a happy spring. So hopefully in the next few weeks these blog posts will be filled with fun and happy events that are going on.... Hopefully no more asthma posts!

Prayers for this week as we start our new journey to Rogers, AR twice a week to do his allergy shots. I am dreaming up some fun things we can do immediately following shots so that these two days a week won't be such a nightmare for both of us. If you have any ideas, send them my way!

Happy Tuesday!!