OKay, get ready to DIE! This was sent over by the amazing and super talented, Ali Wood Photography. Her son Hamilton (how cute is that name?!) just turned one and Ali and her mom pulled out all of the stops for his circus themed birthday! This party is so whimsical and fun. No detail was left out and not only is this party styled perfectly it looks like the guests and the birthday boy had a ball. Check out the details...

 Almost everything you see on this table was handmade by Ali and her mother! How cute is the circus train with the banner?! 
The amazing Kim with Tomkat Studio is responsible for the perfect food labels and banner. 

 Are you kidding me?! How adorable are these marshmallow pops??
Ali's mom made this centerpiece out of hat boxes. 

 Yes, that monkey is real! One of the main events of the party was "Mikey" the monkey! Here is what Ali said about Mikey.. "The monkey, named Mikey, was from the neatest lady Pam at Complete Country Carnival. He did tricks, played the drums, jumped thru hoops and took pictures with everyone. He LOVED my dad and kept crawling up on his head. Im not sure if its because he's tall or because he delivers babies but the monkey loved him! (www.countrycarnival.com)"

 Here is the adorable birthday boy! 

Party favors were vintage clown bags filled with a barnum and bailey clown nose that blinks (from the barnum website), cracker jacks and a little clown pin wheel. TomKat Studios made the labels that said "thank you for clowning around with me"

There you have it.... One of the cutest "circus" parties I've seen. Thank you so much Ali for letting me share! 
Happy Wednesday!