I can't even stomach that this boy will be 2 in a couple weeks. It seriously breaks my heart that he is turning into a little boy and he is slowly becoming too old to be my baby anymore. 
Sawyer has all of the sudden majorally hit the "2" stage! He is becoming majorally independent, extremely vocal, and overally opinionated. He has decided that he wants to give me a run for my money and I don't know quite what to do with this new child. He is more fun that we even know what to do with and is still my sweet lovable mama's boy (except when we are with "Dae" and "Grandmama"). I go to bed exhausted these days but wake up excited to see what new, funny things this boy is going to surprise me with. Even though I am at a loss with what to do with these fits and screams, I wouldn't change this age for anything! 
Sawyer is doing so good with going to get his shots every week. He has stopped crying on the car rides there and usually even takes a cat nap. Everytime we get to the office he snuggles with me until they call his name and then he usually immediately starts crying but as soon as the shot is over he politely says "Thank You" to the nurse and then happily plays in the office while we have to wait for thirty minutes. Last week we had four doctors appointments and he has started asking everywhere we stop, even if it's the grocery store if there's an "owie". I'll stop the car and he'll yell from the backseat, "owie mama?" and I'll say "no owies here, I promise" and he'll usually go in happily wherever we are. It's so sad to me that "owies" are a constant thing on his mind, it's just becoming second nature to him.
That's all for today, Hope you all have a wonderful spring day!