When Mindy and John David moved here after Sawyer was born, Mindy was pregnant with Lyla. We had countless conversations about how we wanted Sawyer and Lyla to be best friends. We knew they would be 6 months apart but we were determined that they would love eachother. Little did we know that they would absolutely ADORE one another without any help from us. It's almost like they are siblings. Daily, Sawyer talks about Lyla. If we get in the car to go somewhere he will always say, "see Lyla?". He is obsessed. The other night we walked into their house and Sawyer ran in the house with a huge smile, saying "LYLA!! There you are" and reached out and they gave eachother the biggest hug. Everytime we get to the light that is close to their house, he'll notice where we are and start screaming Lyla's name and kicking his legs. He knows exactly where we are when we get close to their house. 
Lyla loves Sawyer just as much. She copies everything he does (Sorry Mindy!). Sweet Lyla calls Sawyer, "Sawyou" and it's basically the cutest thing ever. The minute we get them together they immediately start playing hard; They run, laugh, fall down, read books, play the piano and who knows what else. I laugh b/c Mindy and I don't have to pay much attention to them b/c they entertain one another the whole time. I feel like we get a little break when they play, I love it!
Anyway, below you will see Lyla and Sawyer growing up together. I got some pictures from Mindy to add to mine. They have over 70 pictures together! They are destined to be married one day.. haha! We can hope, can't we?

Pretty cute and funny! These two make me smile and I am so glad that Sawyer has this little angel girl to grow up along side with. We love you Lyla!