Well, tomorrow is the day! Tomorrow is the day that I officially say "GOODBYE" to my 1 year old baby boy. He is officially my big 2 year old boy and I can't believe that we are already here. 
I am so sentimental about this birthday for MANY reasons. 
For one I am so beyond proud of this child. This has been a tough year for Sawyer and for all of us. To say that my love has grown in the last few months for this boy is quite the understatement. After everything I have seen him endure and everything I have seen him go through these last three months I look at him in a completely new light. He is tougher than his mama, that's for sure! I always dread the days that we have to go get shots. On our thirty minute drive, I will look at him in the backseat and he looks at me in the mirror and says "Hi mama!", "Owie today?"(in the sweet, high pitched voice that I love) and I have to of course tell him "yes" and instead of screaming at me, most days he looks at me and still smiles and still trusts me after I tell him that he is going to get his shot. I am proud that he has a happy spirit regardless of his health hinderances and hassles. 
I am so proud of the way he listens and obeys us. Of course we have our 2 year old days, but since 18 months Sawyer has been beyond his age in his listening skills. He is eager to please others and is eager to follow the rules. He definitely has an obedient heart. My prayer is that as he grows older his obedience will come from wanting to please our Lord and Savior. 
I am so proud of the way he approaches life. He has always been intense and always has had GUSTO for EVERYTHING! Whether it's eating, playing, jumping, running, hugging, talking, yelling, throwing, sliding; you name it he does it with his whole heart. I LOVE this trait about him. He doesn't do things half heartedly, he puts every ounce of his energy and heart into everything he does. I can see this being a very important trait as he gets older, because I can see him having the motivation and intensity to be successful in his career and in relationships. 
Sawyer is ALL boy and can be very rough and tough but at the end of the day he is the most tender, loving, affectionate boy. I love that he is a mama's boy. I love that he will enjoy mother's day out with friends but that in reality I think he would rather be with me (Ha!). When I come to pick him up he always has his backpack ready and RUNS to me saying "MAMA, There you are!" and won't let me put him down until the car. I love that he is independent and confident yet still has a cautious spirit and still has a major love for me and Andrew. 
After I watched Sawyer fight for his life almost 9 weeks ago, I will forever have a bond with this boy. I love him so much and have an appreciation for him even in the midst of some hard "2" year old moments. Our hearts are so full because of these last 2 years.
 Even though he is a big boy now, any chance I get to rock him, cuddle with him, sleep next to him, let the laundry sit there and play with him on the floor, or hold him when he says "Up, Mama!" I will jump at the opportunity because these moments fly by. He was my little tiny swaddled newborn baby yesterday and now he is my opinionated, energetic and talkative 2 year old! It's so hard to believe. 
Sawyer, We love you so much and are so blessed and thankful to God that you have overcome so much this year. You are one of the strongest people I know and you make me want to be a better person. 
Our prayer for you is that you will grow into a Godly man who seeks Christ with all of the GUSTO you put into the little things in your life. My prayer is that you will fall in love with the God who loves you even more than we do and that you will live your life to bring Glory to Him.We praise God, daily for His protection over you and for His strength that He has graciously put inside of your little body. We know it comes only from Him. 
Happy 2nd birthday son. We are so proud of you! 
To all my friends and family.. If you know and love Sawyer I would love for you to leave a comment telling Sawyer about something that you remember about him or something that you love about him so that one day we can show him these blog posts and comments. He is one loved little boy, thanks to all of you who are in his life and I want him to grow up knowing that!