Today we had Sawyer's 2 year check up. It went well and I feel good about it because I got to see one of my favorite doctors and we got more answers about some more steps we can take for Sawyer's health. Here are some of his stats and here are some of the funny and fun things he is up to these days. 
- 27.5 pounds (40th percentile)- What happened to my big boy?!
- 33 inces tall (40th percentile)
Sawyer is talking up a storm and we can actually understand most of what he is saying. It really is like all of the sudden everything clicked. Some of the funniest things he is saying... 
- When the door rings or opens or someone knocks he yells from wherever he is, "I'm Coming, I'm coming!"
- He calls himself "Saucy" not Sawyer. 
- When he sneezes he says, "bless you Saucy"
- When he sees something that will hurt him (like yesterday he picked up a safety pin..oops!) he will say "Hurt Baby". He got this from my mother in law b/c she always would say "don't touch that, it will hurt the baby." So now everytime we go to the doctor he will say "hurt baby mama?" and every time he gets hurt he says through tears, "hurt baby, hurt baby".
- When he hears a baby crying in Target or the grocery store (or wherever we are running errands) he will say "Mama! Sad baby, poor sad baby". 
He is doing so good with his shots. He walks right in cries just for a second when he is getting them and then after we wait for 30 minutes they call his name again to check the injection site and he walks right up to the nurse and sticks out his arm for her to check his arm and then politely says "Bye, Bye, Thank you." He has gotten so brave. 
He still loves golf, golf carts, any sort of ball, especially basketballs, cars and will sit and read through tons of books if I will sit and read to him. 
Isn't too interested in sitting and eating anymore. It's crazy how much a child can change in one area. I have to force feed this child sometimes. He has his good days where he will eat anything and then have some days where I can't find anything that he'll eat. I guess that's part of becoming a true 2 year old toddler. Too busy to eat. 
He is such a sweet, fun and lively boy and I am proud to be his mama! Can't believe he is 2!!