In between moving and planning a party I have been a major slacker with blogging. So here is one long post I like to call "catch up".

Easter 2011!

Sawyer could have hunted easter eggs ALL DAY. 

This boy is funnier than ever! 

Ranch visit with best friends! 

In TRUE BOY fashion... this is Sawyer's hands at the end of a long day at the ranch. 

Lot's of golf playing time

And we also have been loving on this new little fella! Shepherd Oliver Smith. I love him so much already and love seeing Aubrey as a mama. He is the sweetest little newborn. His temperament reminds me  a lot of how Sawyer was as a newborn.

Oh and let's not leave out our second peanut! Pregnancy is going great and I'm feeling GREAT. So far this has been a much easier pregnancy than Sawyer. I am officially almost 16 weeks and looking forward to finding out the gender at the end of the month. 
12 weeks

Almost 16 weeks! and Growing like crazy! 
We have also battled another four day illness with Sawyer. He came down with a terrible ulcer throat virus for the fourth time in his life. We have been advised by two doctors to do immune system deficiency testing. I have felt like that was going to be the case if he kept getting sick and so after two different meetings we will be doing more blood work this week and meet with an immunologist. We have also been advised to keep him out of church nursery and MDO next year and this summer. I am still in the midst of praying about whether or not we are going to follow this advice or not. I know that I am going to let him finish out MDO the next two weeks and then reevaluate after we get test results and after the summer is underway. We shall see. I am praying that whatever the case, we can figure out a way to keep Sawyer healthy. We looked back at his record last week at the Pediatric clinic and he has been in the doctor diagnosed with some kind of illness at least once a month since 9 months. I am so sick of seeing him sick! Anyway, prayers as always are appreciated. It really could be the constant steroids he has been on but I am anxious to see if it is something else. 
That's about all I have! Along with slacking in blogging I have also not been very good about pictures. Stay tuned for a peek into our new house!