We have had the most incredible, memorable and special weekend. There is just nothing better to me than spending a weekend at home in Fayetteville with my friends and family. It was definitely a perfect Mother's Day weekend! 
We started off the weekend with a nice long playdate and walk with the Blagg's. It is so fun to be able to walk down the street to their house and spend the morning with Lyla and Mindy. We walked down to their house and let the kids play and then walked back towards our house together to let the kids play with the ducks. Fun morning!
Saturday we woke up and went to the Farmer's Market and saw some more of our fun Fayetteville friends. We ate the yummiest breakfast at Little Bread Company and spent some time shopping and visiting with friends. 

And luckily Saw Bear got to see his Second Mom "Aunt Chelle" while we were there. He is beyond obsessed with her. I can't find one picture where he'll hug me like that! We love you Michelle! 
 Tuckered out fella

Saturday night we went on our Mother's Day date night! We got all dressed up and went to P.F. Changs and had the BEST time! Andrew and I have never seen Sawyer eat like he did at dinner. He loves P.F. Changs more than we do. 

We also spent one afternoon at the Botanical Gardens which is literally about 2 seconds from our house. We can walk there in five minutes from our front door. It was our first time and we all three LOVED it! It's gorgeous and such a pretty place to spend an afternoon. I have a feeling we will be spending many afternoons out here. 

 And then this morning we went to church (which I feel like is a rare occasion). Our doctors have ordered us to keep him out of church nursery until he can show that his immune system can fight off yuckiness (more on that later). Therefore, this morning he was in big church with mom and dad. He lasted about 40 minutes and then Andrew took him outside so I could enjoy the sermon. 

Today and this weekend have been such a special time with Sawyer and Andrew. I feel so lucky that I get to be this boy's mama. I love every second of my job!

Happy Mother's day to all the amazing mamas and especially to my amazing mom!