Sawyer is still the the funniest thing ever. I seriously laugh multiple times every day at the things he comes up with. Sometimes it's hard to discipline without busting out laughing. Here are a few things that I want to record so I can remember. 
We are really working on the "NO, MINE" phrase that has recently become his favorite phrase in life. The other night I gave him a bowl of goldfish and I looked over and he was looking at his reflection in the glass door saying, "NO! My Goldfish, My Goldfish!" as he watched himself eat his goldfish in his reflection. I sure hope that he was pretending and he really didn't think that his reflection was stealing his food. 
I was holding Sawyer the other day after his bath before I put a diaper on him Andrew took a picture with his phone of Sawyer's scrunched up butt. Sawyer wanted to look at the picture and without any hesitation he looked at the picture of his butt and busted out in a gut laugh. Only BOYS! Seriously, how do they find this stuff funny even at 2?? 
For the past three weeks before we found out what we were having I would ask Sawyer if he wanted a baby brother or a baby sister and every single time he said "baby sister". I swear I don't think he really understands what's going on but I think it's so weird that he said that every time. He has good intuition! 
He is obsessed with walking around in my shoes; even my heels! Andrew doesn't like to encourage this new love of his but I think it's quite funny. 

I finally went and bought a potty for Sawyer. I have no intention of starting potty training until I feel like he is ready and by no means do I think he is ready. But.. I have said that he will get a big surprise when he goes tee tee or poo poo in the potty (which he has not done yet). Last night he said that he wanted to go on the potty for a big surprise and we went in there and he immediately took a piece of toilet paper off the roll and sat down and then immediately wiped his butt and said "Yay!  I did it, Big Surprise??", totally thinking he had tricked me. No tee tee or poopy in site. Little Trickster. 

Mister can also be quite mischievous when I am not in site. While I was unloading the dishwasher he poured out the entire box of goldfish on his tray and said "mama, lot's of goldfish, mmm....". If I had let him he probably would of sat there all day and ate that entire pile. 
He also is a big fan of putting diapers, washcloths, toys, etc.. down the toilet if I'm not careful to catch him. The other day he got who knows what down our guest bathroom toilet. I caught him in the middle of trying to flush a dirty diaper he got out of the trash.   

 Still obsessed with Lyla. 
 and maybe even slightly more OBSESSED with bouncy houses. He talks about them every day ever since we played on one at our neighbor's house. Tallis had a bday party and he hardly got out of this sucker. 
 And of course decided he needed a helmet. ha! He had this on at the party for a good chunk of the party. 
 He LOVES school and we sadly said goodbye to our amazing teachers this week. He talks about them every day and we had the best experience at our Mothers Day Out program this year. 
Tallis is in his class, I definitely don't think he would like school as much if he didn't get to see him every time. 
All in all we are doing so good. Sawyer is used to his shots and even hugs the nurses when he goes to the doctors office. I am still feeling good with my pregnancy, although I am quickly gaining weight and getting bigger by the minute! We are LOVING our new house and mostly we are LOVING our new neighborhood. I have a whole post on that later but we have made some great friends already that live right across the street. Sawyer looks out the window everyday to see if his friends are outside and we spend a good chunk of our day outside with the other 2 year old boys and their moms. It really feels like a dream that we are living on such a fun street. God has been so good to us and we are trying not to take for grated the blessings we have felt these last few weeks. It feels so good when things in life start going up again! Thank you JESUS for relief and fun times!
That's all I got! Happy Wednesday!