We are moved and somewhat "settled" and it feels SO GOOD! We are really enjoying our new home and feel so blessed. I also have really been enjoying dabbling in design again. We had sold a lot of our furniture with the house so I feel like I got to have fresh start with designing a space. It's been really fun and I forgot how much I enjoy that aspect of my life.

I thought I would document some of the rooms in our new house. I have a few "Before" and "After" pics of this house because we made quite the transformation with just simple fixes like paint, flooring and lighting. It made the world of difference.

 I thought I would go ahead and share the first completed room, Sawyer's Room! He LOVES it and transitioned to his big boy bed perfectly. So far hasn't tried to get out and has slept very soundly in his new room. What's wierd is that he was waking up in the night the entire time we lived in the apartment (So frustrating!) and the minute we moved in to his new room, he started sleeping through the night again. I really think he hated that apartment and is now in heaven in our new place. We are all in heaven and aren't taken anything for granted.

So here ya go, a peek into our new house!

In case you are curious about some of the details in his room:

Link Stencil: http://www.etsy.com/listing/65779914/large-wall-stencil-linked-in-allover
We used Pratt Lambert paint "Matchpoint" for the link stencil. I hired someone to do this because it was quite the mathematical task.

Nightstands, lampshades and Navy Toy Buckets: Target

Orange Toddler Table and Chairs: Rosenberry Rooms

Car and Train Prints: (I printed these off on my own computer, Super easy and cheap!) http://www.etsy.com/shop/seedtosprout?ref=pr_shop_more

Navy Blue Bed: Kid's Furniture in Little Rock, AR

Bedding: Tuck and Cover in Little Rock, AR
I painted the dresser and I have a post about that tomorrow. It was a fun project!