This is one of those showers that I was actually not in charge of. I put last minute details into the party and focused on the flowers and with the help of 3 of my best friends, we managed to pull off a pretty spring baby shower for our good friends, Leah and Jonathan. They are welcoming their first baby girl in July and we were so excited to shower them with fun and gifts. It was such a fun party, so fun that a lot of people stayed until midnight. I was one tired pregnant girl! 
I didn't get a ton of great shots but here is what I got. 
 My mom and I did the flowers. She taught me everything I know, especially how to do flowers.

 Coffee bar

Since this was a couple's shower we did a station where we wanted everyone to write fun tips on how to keep their marriage Sexy after a baby. It was a HIT. I would put some pictures of the cards that the guys did, but it wouldn't be appropriate for this blog. Let's just say that most people had way too much fun with the advice! It was so fun to read them at the end. Leah and Jonathan read them and tried to guess who wrote what. 

The weather was gorgeous so we set up tables outside and the guys did a fire pit after it got dark. Of course the guys stayed outside majority of the night with a big cooler of beer. That's how they do baby showers!

 The beautiful soon to be mama! 
These are the wonderful hostesses and also some of my best friends who I have been friends with since I was in grade school. I love them to death!