We had the best day yesterday. Since the day before was so tough we thought that it would probably be good to get Sawyer out of the house and occupy our time. We went to church and we enjoyed worship all three together with our friends and then I took him out in the stroller, while Andrew enjoyed the sermon. We walked around the church, threw rocks and used their swings. It was perfect bc we could see all of our friends and we got to meet up and eat P.F. Changs all together. Sawyer had the best morning. He woke up from his long nap and we set up his big Geo Track in the middle of our living room and he played with that for a good hour 1/2, he ate a good dinner and had fun playing with us on our big bed watching a movie. So all in all I was so encouraged yesterday. That was until 30 minutes after we put him down for bed. We put him down with his Tylenol with codene around 9:00 and he fell asleep for 30 minutes and then began waking up every 20 minutes crying out in pain, grabbing his leg, ALL NIGHT until 7:00 this morning. He was in so much pain and there was nothing we could do. We just put him in bed with us and tried to comfort him and sing to him and then after crying, screaming and throwing his body all over the bed he would calm back down and fall asleep for twenty minutes. I on the other hand did not get one wink of sleep. As soon as I was about to fade off he would wake up crying again. It was absolute misery watching him suffer like that all night long.

So here we are again with a new day and with a new definition of "hard". I am now functioning on no sleep with a sleep deprived, handicap and needy 2 year old and I am wondering how I am going to make it the next four weeks. From the beginning when this all started we were so thankful that this was just his leg and it was nothing life threatening. After our other experiences I thought, "I can handle this b/c his life is not endanger and it will heal." I was wrong. This is hard and there is no way to sugarcoat it.   I'm praying extra hard for strength from above and for patience from the spirit, otherwise I will be a madwoman in no time at all! I know that this is SOOO temporary and for that I say "Thank You Jesus!" but in this moment I am still adjusting, coping and here to say that this plain sucks.

On a positive note, we went to the doctor today to get more medicine for night time. I'm praying that this will do the trick tonight.
On another positive note, Sawyer has taught himself how to scoot across the living room floor to his different toys. It's pretty sad but makes it so much easier on us.
Tomorrow we go back to the doctor and they do another xray and will most likely do another cast. We are hoping for more information and answers.

 We gave him his first bath last night. He was so happy to be clean that he didn't care about the ghetto trash bag wrapped around his leg. 
 Throwin rocks while Daddy was in church. 
Two mornings ago this is how we woke up! It was so relieving to see him happy after the horrific night before. 
Thanks for letting me vent! I know it will get easier and I know that God is here the whole time helping us through. I couldn't do it without him. 

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