We just got back from the doctor and Sawyer did so great during his X -Rays. They unwrapped his leg and  it was pretty swollen but he never even cried while they worked on it. So Proud! The good news, is that his leg is still broken in the same place and is looking good so far. We will go back in a week to get a real cast after the swelling goes down. The good news about this cast is that it will come right below the knee so that hopefully he can move around a lot easier and maybe even get to walk in it, won't that be nice?! I think that will make this so much easier if he can get around by himself.

We had an awesome night of sleep last night! He slept through the night and I was asleep by 8:30 and slept until 8:00. I seriously feel like a new person. I can handle this "hard" stuff if I am rested, so I'm praying that he continues to do good in the sleep department with this new medicine.  So thank you if you said a prayer for our well being yesterday b/c the Lord heard them!

Sawyer's getting around a lot more today! Here is a little video I took this morning. Pretty cute!