What started out as the perfect summer day has abruptly ended with a major turn of events! Sawyer was playing with our neighbors which we have done for several weeks now. He has been too timid or scared to ride on their toddler cars and today he finally got braver and got in with one of the little boys. I was encouraging him bc I knew he'd love going on rides. He was climbing in the car from the back and the little boy driving didn't know that he was climbing in and drove off, Sawyer flew off but his foot was caught in the seat long enough to do damage. The minute it happened I knew something was broken. I have never heard him cry like this before. Ugh! Can you say misery?! As he continued to scream cry we realized we needed to get somewhere to get it x-rayed. Luckily our awesome neighbor works in orthopedics with the razorbacks and he got us in quickly at the specialty hospital down the road. thank you Matt! We were taken care of so quickly.

Sawyer has a break in his shin bone. He will have a cast up to his mid thigh for at least four weeks and will not be able to walk for now. He might learn to walk as he has to deal with this new burden but he said to expect him to crawl. We somehow have to keep an active toddler boy laying low in the middle of summer fun (including us going to the beach in two weeks!). Any ideas, let me know!

Pray for us as we deal with this inconvenient hassle over the next few weeks. Pray for Sawyer to adjust and pray for his pain level. God is good and we know that this is going to be one of those amazing stories to add to the novel of Sawyer's life and bravery! In fact we have actually been praising God that it's his leg and not his lungs this time, believe me, things could be sooooo much worse!

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