Here's our other little bundle of joy that we are getting SO excited about! I am twenty weeks in a few days and have loved watching my belly grow this time. This pregnancy has been so different and in so many ways it has been so much easier. It's crazy how different your perspective is when you are pregnant with your second baby. I think with Sawyer I struggled with PREpartum depression (my husband and friends can testify to this) and with this pregnancy I have been so incredibly content and happy. I really think it's because I now KNOW how much this new baby is going to mean to us. I am so excited to stretch my love to another child and can't wait to see her grow up. 
Just a few things so I remember.... 
- I am still wearing mostly my non maternity clothes, with the help of a bella band and rubberbands. I found a picture of me at 20 weeks with Sawyer and I actually don't look as big which is relieving! I think Brooklyn might be smaller than her brother was. 
- I am CRAVING and eating a lot of sweet stuff. Cookies, ice cream, key lime pie, nutella and a lot of fruit. 
- I am sleeping so good which is nice since with Sawyer I had insomnia from day one. 
- I am feeling Brooklyn flip and flop and kick up a storm. It's so fun! 
- I definitely have mood swings that have been worse since my 2nd trimester started. Past 9:00 at night I turn into a grump. 
- My one complaint that has been hard the last few weeks is I have had some pretty severe headaches. I have always struggled with headaches and didn't really have them in the first trimester but have had them the last four weeks pretty constantly. My dr just prescribed a new med so hopefully that will take care of it! 
Other than that, my husband is a happy camper too since he feels like he has his normal wife around with this pregnancy. He lost me when I was pregnant with Sawyer so he is pleasantly surprised that this one has been so easy on me. 
I am cherishing my alone time with Sawyer and soaking up his precious life as an only child for the next few months. 
Happy Friday! 
P.S. I'm heading to Austin to love on my new nephew Cooper who was just brought home from Rwanda. I am DYING to meet him and hang out with my sister!

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