We have really tried to make the most of this interesting season for our son. He has his bad days and his good days but overall it seems like he has adjusted to his cast and has learned to go with the flow. I'm so thankful for his happy spirit through trials and so thankful that he is feeling better. We have gone to movies at the movie theatre, have eaten countless sno cones, played with trains and cars on the floor for hours, played golf with daddy, we have watched lots of t.v. and movies, read tons of books, gone through flashcards and played games, been on walks in the stroller and had many family nights on mama's big bed watching a movie and wrestling with daddy. All in all we have had a good week and we are thankful that he is getting around easily now. We are about to go in for a new cast and Sawyer told us he wanted a blue one. Hopefully that's an option!

Yes he has his passy! You would give in too if you had to make your 2 year old lay down for an hour to ice his leg. We have had many passy moments in the last week b/c I don't feel like fighting that battle along with a broken leg. 

 Sno Cones!! Mommy's favorite thing EVER!

We have cooked pancakes almost every morning this last week together. He likes cracking the eggs and is actually pretty good with it. 

Seriously?! How sweet and happy is this boy? So proud to be his mama. 

My arms and back have been killing me since this all happened so my sister suggested the Ergo baby carrier. We just got it at the end of the week so I haven't gotten to use it much but I think it will come in handy while we are in Florida. With this thing he can go on walks on the beach now!
This weekend we celebrated Father's day with a round of Golf on Saturday morning (which is Sawyer's version of heaven) and then we met up with some friends at the Blagg's Ranch. It was a great weekend!

Sweet babies. 
So that is our life in a nutshell right now! I am now getting ready for our big trip to FLORIDA and we can't wait to get on the beach!