We just got back from a fun week in Florida spent with my family. There were 16 of us all together which made for a fun, chaotic and special week. It is so rare that all of us are together so it really was the greatest week. We have 8 kiddos under the age 11 and 5 age 4 and under, so you can kind of get an idea of what I meant by "chaotic". My dad was gracious enough to find us a large house where we could spread out and have our own space and it was incredible.

We drove up there on Saturday and Sawyer did amazing on the drive there and on the drive back. We left at 4 in the morning so he'd sleep in the car in the morning and have his afternoon nap in the car. It worked perfectly.

We spent the week laying out, swimming, eating, shopping, playing in the sand and in the ocean, playing with cousins and having some fun competitions. My dad set up a competition list for us throughout the week. We had a cooking competition, sandcastle competition, swimming competition, Stowers Trivia competition, margarita making competition and a skit competition. Sadly we didn't fulfill all of our competitions due to the nature of having 8 kiddos and the fact that we ran out of time, but who doesn't like a little friendly competition?

Sawyer had so much fun and we were so thankful that his cast cover worked liked a charm! In fact I owe a reader a great deal of gratitude who pointed me in the direction of dry pro cast covers! Even though he had a hard time walking in the thing it allowed him to enjoy all the fun that comes with going to the beach. He also became quite the little independent swimmer this week.

Here is a little recap in pictures!

 Papa and Cooper 

 Movie time after a long afternoon in the sun

 Caroline and Becca
 Mom and Dad hired a professional sandcastle builder. It was so fun! 
 The Allen Octopus
 Obviously the Professional's
The Warnock's sea turtle

And this was our's! We won first price even though our Razorback turned into a dragon, turtle, razorback mix. 

 Sawyer and Daddy kayaking! 
6 months pregnant with both my beach babes! 

Stay tuned for the beach family photo shoot! 

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