Me at almost 28 weeks
Today! 29 weeks and counting

Well we are officially nearing the end of this pregnancy. It's so crazy that I only have 10ish weeks left. When I was pregnant with Sawyer that sounded like an eternity but this time around I am fully aware that in our lives 10 weeks will feel like about 4. Yikes!

I am starting to get so excited about meeting this baby girl. We are starting to get fun headbands and dresses in the mail. We finally started the nursery. It's all becoming very real that we are about to have a real life baby girl take over our lives. On the other hand I'm starting to get so sentimental about the time I am spending with my first born. I just fell asleep with him nose to nose in his bed and sat there wondering if these moments would be no longer once Brooklyn is here. I hope not. My hope and prayer is that I will be just as intentional at spending special time with Sawyer after she is here. I'm worried about that aspect of having two kids but I'm going to do my very best to be the best mom I can be to both precious kiddos.

I am feeling good for the most part. When we were in the hottest days ever recorded for a few days, I basically just stayed indoors or in the pool, knowing that if I was out in it I would feel miserable the rest of the day. I'm getting too big to be hanging out in 111 degree weather. I had been experiencing several episodes of nausea, dizziness and shortness of breath which was all explained when I got my blood work back and found out that I have anemia. I got on iron supplements this week and I think it is already leveling things out. She moves all the time and likes to give what I like to call "zingers" in my internal organs. I feel like she is already 8 pounds with how violently she will move sometimes. I will be laying down and she will move so big that my entire body jerks. I love it though!
My eating habits have been interesting lately. I think b/c of the heat I can't find anything that sounds good except for sno cones. I try to be good but a lot of days I just snack all day and then go for an evening sno cone run with light syrup for my dinner. When I was in Colorado I ate SO much and I think it's b/c I wasn't hot for the first time in months. Any good light dinner and lunch suggestions, send them my way!

On to the fun stuff!
We got the nursery painted and hung the wallpaper this week. I will give you the first peek into her new room. I am doing all neutral colors with a touch of pale pink. I'm hoping that it will be whimsical with a touch of a french country flair.

 We painted the ceiling and all of the walls except for the wall with the crib with neutral cream color called "barbados sand" from Benjamin Moore. 
And then I picked out this wallpaper to be the focal point of the room. I love it b/c it's subtle but still makes a statement. It has a touch of pink and all of the neutral colors I'm using. 
I also finished our guest bathroom and ordered these awesome huge letters with Sawyer's and Brooklyn's first initials from THIS etsy shop. I'm in love with this room now. It's all becoming real after putting Brooklyn's initial on my wall :). Love it! 
Other than that I've been doing a little shopping on zulily and of course etsy. Here are some of the things I can't wait to get in the mail... 

Well that about sums up EVERYTHING going on with baby right now! We're Getting excited!