First let me introduce you to my new nephew, Hayes Vancura Henry!! How gorgeous is he? This was just a few minutes after he was born. Andrew's brother, Rob and our sister in law Sierra gave birth to this 8 pound 13 ounce cutie. We are so excited to have another nephew and to have a cousin so close to Brooklyn. They will be trouble makers together in no time. We went to Little Rock to meet this little guy and we are already in love. 

Secondly, one of my close friends, Haley just gave birth to a new healthy baby boy, Porter. He looks like a perfect little doll! She pops out some seriously pretty babies.  We took them dinner Sunday night and let Sawyer and Stella play and we got to visit and hold the new baby. We had the best time and I'm so impressed with how easy she makes it look. Gives me hope :)

 Sawyer and Stella have had a love/hate relationship since day one. We knew it was because they secretly had a crush on eachother and the night we went over there they were so precious together. They played happily together and we even caught them kissing a few times. I knew they were just flirting before. 
Here's to hoping we can get half this good of a picture when Brooklyn is born.. Ha! 

Sawyer given out some kisses to Porter (With bribing from me of course, he never pays attention to babies)
We love these new bundles, congrats to all them. 
 I guess that makes me next! AAHHH! Can't wait to see my little girl in these pictures. Getting closer!! 

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