I flew out on Thursday to meet my family in Colorado Springs to be with Brooke after she lost Lucy. Luckily I had so many great friends who offered to help out so that I could leave last minute and Sawyer was left in many good hands (4 different people to be exact). Andrew was sweet to keep him basically from Thursday to Sunday. They had such a good time together and I was welcomed home to a professionally cleaned house and a happy 2 year old boy. 
The day I left this is what my car read... 
And then I flew into Denver where it was 75 degrees and raining. I was literally COLD for two days straight. It was HEAVENLY. 
 Brooke, her family, my mom and Jennie had been staying at the Brodmore for a few days in Colorado Springs before heading back to the ranch. Luckily I got to have one night there too. We all love this place. It's so nice and it feels like you are literally in a different part of the world. It was a great place for us to rest and talk. I was amazed at how strong Brooke was the entire time I was there. She is processing everything with the most Godly perspective. She inspires me. 
I ended up moving my flight so that I could stay for the memorial that they had planned for Lucy. I am SO GLAD that I did. It was a gorgeous and life changing day that I will never forget.
Lucy we will forever miss you and forever wish that we knew you. You have changed lives in your short life. Our faith is stronger and our perspective has forever changed. Brooke and Tony your faith and Hope in the Lord has changed my life through this tragedy. You have inspired all of us. I love you all and am so proud of the way you are using this tragedy to bring Glory to our Father. 

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