This weekend we FINALLY got to pay back some of our best friends, Aubrey and Josh by keeping there 4 1/2 month old Shepherd for the weekend. It was there 5 year anniversary so it served as the perfect excuse to be able to spend some QT with their precious boy. We had a blast!

A few things I learned keeping Shepherd..

1. having two kids is going to be hard BUT I feel like I can handle it when I'm not pregnant. Everything is hard when you have a belly in your way and you are physically exhausted. Can't wait to not be pregnant!

2. Sawyer is going to be a great big brother and I think he might be somewhat unfazed (Even though we are preparing for the worst).

3. I wish Brooklyn would automatically come out just like Shepherd. He is the easiest baby ever. Andrew hardly even knew he was there all weekend. He smiles when you look at him and is content when you are busy doing other things.

4. Balancing life with 2 babies is H.A.R.D! I literally felt like a chicken with my head cut off making dinner for company last night. This was definitely a flash forward to what our life will look like in a few short weeks. We are getting ready though! Andrew walked in the kitchen and I was cooking dinner with Shepherd over my shoulder and Sawyer running around at my feet. We will be living out that same scene very shortly! Even though it will be hard, I am getting so excited!! EEK!

All in all we had so much fun keeping this fella! Thanks for trusting us Aubrey and Josh! We love him so much!

He obviously really thinks I'm funny. If only you could drown out my horrible voice in this video.