It's funny how babies work. Sawyer was the BIGGEST baby. He was always 75th to 90th percentile and at a year old and he was well into 18-24 month clothes at that age.  NOW he can still wear 18-24 month clothes and he has weighed 28 pounds since 18 months old. He just keeps growing tall instead of wide.
So that brings me to myy favorite item of clothing that he has now been able to wear for over a year... his torn up jeans. These jeans are from Gap and I got them when he was a year old. He still wears them to this day and they fit him better now then they did back when he was a baby. Pretty happy about it since they are my favorite!!

And now for present day... :) 
 When did he turn into a teenager?! 
It will be a sad day when he grows out of these suckers. 
That's all for my random post today! Happy Tuesday!