Well, I'm officially 8 months along as you can clearly see in this picture! I love every inch of my belly this time b/c I know that she is growing big and strong. We are getting so excited to meet this precious girl.

I have actually had a pretty hard week. Since Sunday I have been feeling very under the weather. I knew it was pregnancy b/c it was so off and on, so after the fourth consecutive day of feeling YUCKY, I got in to my doctor to do some bloodwork. Sure enough my iron levels were even lower than last time. I have been on iron supplements for about a month now but it clearly hadn't done anything. My sodium levels were low too so with both things combined it set me up for a lowsy week of extreme tiredness, nauseated constantly and feeling like I was going to pass out a few times a day. I was actually thankful that there was an answer to these symptoms and that I might actually not be living miserably the next 6 weeks. I'm just going to start taking double the iron and start trying to eat a more iron filled diet.Other than that Brooklyn is doing great. In fact she currently has the hiccups for the fourth time today, so I'm watching my belly move up and down continuously. I love it! We are getting her precious room ready, hanging up clothes and talking about her all the time so little brother will know what's comin! I am so ready to meet her.

We are praying for an uneventful next month and praying that I can just hang in there. I forgot how hard the end is... But I'm definitely counting my blessings everyday.
Can't wait to meet you little miss Brooklyn!!
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