After a last minute decision and a lot of prayer we decided to enroll Sawyer in Mother's Day Out this year again. He has been well since May and has officially been off oral steroids for almost 8 months. Basically we are for sure putting him in in the fall (right now until Mid November) and then we are probably going to take him out during flu season. If he gets sick in the first few weeks then we will pull him out for good. Basically we are playing the whole thing by ear. I am  one worried mama but I know that a classroom setting and being around other kiddos without me and Andrew by his side is really important for Sawyer. We are still keeping him out of church nursery b/c our doctors told us it was the worst place to take a child who prone to illness, even compared to a MDO classroom. So we are sticking to that one but we are going to take a chance a little bit with taking Sawyer to school.

His first day was yesterday and he LOVED it! He only cried for a split second when I left and when I came back I was greeted by a huge hug and a little boy who said, "I had SOO much fun mama!". I am so proud of him and his sweet spirit with other kids and his teachers. The teachers gave him a great report, so all in all I felt a lot better after hearing his report and seeing his joyful face when I picked him up. I think that the risk and me swallowing my worry might all be worth him getting to experience school.

So. That's the latest. Prayers are appreciated for my bear. I am fervently praying for Sawyer's immunity strength to be invincible this year. He deserves a long break from sickness.

Happy Thursday! Enjoy this amazing fall weather!