Our days lately have been so fun. This fall weather really is amazing and we have been soaking up some fun times with our friends. We also had a hiccup last week when Sawyer woke up with a high fever the day after Mothers Day Out. We spent two full days in Mama's bed and he recovered from a nasty fever virus. Needless to say we have already pulled him out of MDO since he managed to get sick the first week. :( Makes me super sad but I know that it's God's clear way of confirming what we need to do for Sawyer. 

These last two weeks, we have had numerous playdates, bought a fun new toy for the backyard (thanks to my mom), had Grandmama and Big Papa up for the Razorback game and have been in full Razorback fall mode. Here are a few pics to recap the last couple weeks. 
Sad pic.. I took this when he had a 103 degree fever last week. So pitiful!

 Painting playdate with Lyla and Stella!

 Razorback watch party with Kyle, Haley, Stella and Porter!
 Cutie pa tootie Hog babies
 Grandmama and Papa came to visit for the Razorback game. Jan, me and Sawyer stayed home and these two made me pumpkin bread! Yummy!! 
 I kept Lyla this morning for a little bit and I was in the kitchen and came into the living room to find them watching Mickey and sitting on the couch like this.. Ohh sweet babies. 
 Notice Lyla's hand on Sawyers.. Melt my heart.. 
Playdate with Brayden March and Lyla

 Notice Lyla's pose.. :)
Worn out after a fun playdate

And now for the new toy.. We found this trampoline at Sams and it's the perfect size for Sawyer. It is definitely a hit with Sawyer and his friends. 

Jenessa and Mark moved into an amazing house here in East Fayetteville and had a Razorback housewarming party this past weekend. Here are some of the boys... 

And some of the girls :) Love them! 
Fun friends and fun times. Happy Fall!!