I so wish I could pause Sawyer's age right now. I feel like we are at such a good stage with him. He is SOOO fun and SOOO sweet. He lives life to the fullest and talks all the time now but he is still our sweet, cuddly, lovable boy we have always known. He is an obedient two year old (of course has his moments!) who is eager to please others.  His attention span is incredible; he will sit and read for hours and if someone will take the time to sit and play catch he will play as long as we would let him. There are so many things I could write about this boy. I could go on and on but the bottom line is, I am a proud mama. He definitely still tests me but I feel like we are at an age where things I have been consistent about are paying off. He is using his manners without me having to tell him and he is really learning what it means to have self control. We love the little boy he is growing into.. 
I am cherishing these last few weeks with just him. I know he will have a hard adjustment when Brooklyn comes and I also know that it will probably change our relationship. I know our relationship will be just as special but I also know it will never be like it is right now. I love our days at home together and I LOVE that  I have a little sidekick that I can share everything with. He is one special little guy.. 

That's all for the Sawyer update! I hadn't done one in a long time and I want to remember these moments before having two. Love you Sawyer bear!!