I can't believe that it has already been a week! I feel like she has been here forever but I feel like it was yesterday that I was sitting in the hospital waiting for her arrival. This last week really has gone so smoothly. We have had my mom here and she has been the biggest help. I know that the "hard" part is going to kick in when all our help leaves and it's just me and the two babies home all day by ourselves. In fact, I'm trying not to freak out over the thought of that b/c if I think about it I kind of have a panic attack wondering how I am going to do it. It will definitely be an adjustment.. :)

Nursing is going fabulously so far. I didn't make milk with Sawyer and I tried desperately hard to make it work with him. It never did even after tons of hard work for 10 weeks with a lactation consultant, medicine and tons of time. My prayer during this entire pregnancy is that I would make milk. It was something I just really had wanted to do with all my babies and I was so disappointed that it didn't work with Sawyer. So far I have had a totally different experience and my prayer now is that my body will keep up with what she wants. So far I am making enough for this tiny baby. I know I am b/c she is content the full 3 hours between feedings and she poops like crazy (seriously like 20 times a day). She also is a reallly fast eater compared to her brother. He would literally want to nurser for 45 to 50 minutes every time and little B will eat in 15-20 minutes. I hope she continues :)

Brooklyn so far has been the easiest baby. I know a week old is still basically asleep to the world so I'll let you know how much this changes in a couple weeks but right now she is an awesome sleeper, eater, pooper, all that good stuff... She loves her car seat, loves her swing and loves her pack in play in our room. She is so far easier than her brother at this age b/c Sawyer never wanted to be put down and  HATED his car seat from day one of his life. She has a fiesty little cry if she isn't swaddled up really tight, she absolutely hates to be free. I have laughed all week b/c I have all of these cute newborn clothes but no one will ever see them b/c she is constantly swaddled.

Overall I cannot believe how much I love this precious girl already. She has stolen my heart and I still look at her in awe not believing that I have my very own little girl. I feel beyond blessed. 1 week down hundreds of thousands to go to watch her grow into her own little person. Can't wait! We love you beyond words Brooklyn Faith.

 Favorite 3 people in the world. Andrew has been beyond amazing this week. I don't know what I would of done without him. 
Sweetest big brother, He loves to cuddle with his sister. It seriously brings tears to my eyes everytime I see them like this. 

I can't believe how tiny and dainty she is. Everything is huge on her and this car seat looks like it's swallowing her. I can't believe Sawyer was ever this little. 

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